Continuing Legal Education

You can get all of your CLE credits from the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Foundation.

For over 60 years we've offered quality programming, and now we've made it easier and more convenient for you to earn CLE credits! Attend live seminars and webinars or watch previously recorded sessions on-demand, which you can order below. Our live seminars and their recordings are currently approved in the states of Connecticut and New York and meet most states' recommended requirements.

Each attorney admitted in Connecticut is required to earn a minimum of 12 credit hours (2 hours of ethics) of continuing legal education every year as part of their license requirement. No MCLE certificate is required for the State of Connecticut. If you are licensed in another state and require a certificate, please email CTLA keeps records of all credits received through CTLF seminars and webinars only.

COVID-19 Rules Changes NEW

On September 16, 2001, the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch gave notice that all Connecticut Attorneys and Authorized House Counsel must comply with the minimum continuing legal education (MCLE) requirement under Practice Book Section 2-27A(a)(1), for calendar year 2021. Any MCLE credits earned by Connecticut attorneys and authorized house counsel during the 2020 calendar year may be completely transferred to comply with the 2021 calendar year requirement, even if the amount exceeds the two hour cap provided for in the Rule.

More information about MCLE is available at If you have any questions about this email or your MCLE status, you may contact the MCLE Commission at for additional information.

Upcoming CLE Seminars & Webinars


Webinar: COVID 18 Months Later: The Employment Problem that Never Goes Away

Chair: Lewis H. Chimes

CT Credits: 1.25 Skills
NY Credits: 1.25 Skills


Webinar: Bad Faith Not Required: Insurers’ Duty to Make Reasonable Settlement Decisions

Chair: William M. Bloss

CT Credits: 1 Skills
NY Credits: 1 Skills


Webinar: Ethical Rules That A PI Attorney Needs To Know
Zoom Webinar, Hartford, CT

CT Credits: 2 Ethics & Professionalism
NY Credits: 2 Ethics & Professionalism


Most Popular

Product Event Event Date Price Member Price
Streaming Video Webinar: Supreme & Appellate Court Case Review Part I & II May 12, 2021 $320.00 $200.00
Streaming Video Webinar: Kicking It Up a Notch: How to Maximize Damages in Premises Liability Cases Apr 14, 2021 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Webinar: Bad Faith Not Required: Insurers’ Duty to Make Reasonable Settlement Decisions Nov 10, 2021 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Video CLE Seminar: INSIDE BASEBALL: Adjuster's Friend or Foe? Nov 3, 2017 $150.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Webinar: Michael Koskoff CLE Lecture w/ Guest Speaker Michael Kelly Mar 24, 2021 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Webinar: Annual Criminal Litigation: 2020 Criminal Law Case Review Mar 3, 2021 $100.00 $75.00
Streaming Video Webinar: The Ugliest of the Year Jan 13, 2021 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Webinar: Governmental Immunity: Understanding Recent Case Law and Building a Successful Case Dec 9, 2020 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Webinar: Harnessing Brain Injury Science for Cross-Examination Dec 2, 2020 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Webinar: 10 Myths of Mild Brain Injury Nov 11, 2020 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Webinar: The Important Difference Between Pre-Existing Conditions and Pre-Existing Disabilities Apr 29, 2020 $160.00 $100.00
PDF Materials CLE Seminar: INSIDE BASEBALL: Adjuster's Friend or Foe? Nov 3, 2017 $200.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Cases Jan 29, 2011 $75.00 $55.00
Streaming Video Webinar: Annual Legal Support Staff Apr 7, 2021 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Plaintiff Only Webinar: Malpractice 2.0.21: Preparing and Prevailing in the Post Pandemic World Feb 25, 2021 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Webinar: The Ifs, Ands or Buts of Workers’ Compensation: Feb 10, 2021 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Webinar: Supreme & Appellate Review Part II May 13, 2020 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Webinar: Appellate Decisions on the Law of Evidence: A Review and Discussion May 8, 2020 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Audio Ethics Podcast Nov 14, 2019 $160.00 $100.00
Streaming Video Symposium: WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: Knowing Our Power Mar 15, 2019 $250.00 $195.00