Amicus Briefs

The CTLA, through its Amicus Committee seeks to become involved in cases pending before appellate courts that raise important or novel issues likely to affect injured individuals and their families, as well as CTLA members' representation of these individuals.

The criteria we consider when deciding whether to participate as an Amicus includes:

  • Whether the case is pending in the Supreme or Appellate Court.

  • Whether an Amicus Brief will benefit the Court and will address issues not already briefed.

  • Whether the question presented is an important one in that it:

    1. Is in furtherance of CTLA's general goal of preserving the rights of injury victims and maintaining full and fair access for injury victims to redress in the courts.

    2. Raises an important or novel issue likely to affect injury victims beyond the plaintiff in this particular case.

    3. Will develop, clarify or harmonize the law.

    4. Is a question of first impression in Connecticut.

    5. Calls for the application of a new principle or policy.

    6. Involves the resolution of an issue which has potential statewide impact.

    7. Is likely to recur without a definitive decision by the Appellate/Supreme Court.

    8. Presents a potential conflict between a federal appellate court ruling on state law and the absence of a definitive decision on the same legal question by the Connecticut Supreme Court.

    9. Involves a significant issue of constitutional law that may affect clients of CTLA members on a statewide basis.

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