Terms and Conditions of Using the CTLA Member Directory

The Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA) is a professional legal association. CTLA is not a law firm. As a professional legal association, CTLA has individual lawyers as members. The fact that a lawyer is a member of CTLA does not mean or imply that the lawyer is affiliated with any other CTLA member for the practice of law.

Although CTLA members welcome your telephone calls letters or e-mail messages, please keep in mind that merely contacting a CTLA member does not establish an attorney-client relationship between you and the CTLA member. Consequently, you should not convey any confidential information to a CTLA member until you and the CTLA member have established an attorney-client relationship.

The listing of any area of practice by an CTLA member does not indicate any certification or expertise therein, nor does it represent that the quality of legal services to be performed would be greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers. It is merely an indication by the member of an area or areas in which he or she practices. Membership in CTLA or any office of CTLA as well as membership in a Section does not mean that a lawyer is a specialist or an expert in a field of law. CTLA membership does not indicate anything about the quality or competency of any lawyer. A description or indication of limitation of practice by a lawyer does not mean that any agency or board has certified such lawyer as a specialist or expert in any indicated field of law practice, nor does it mean that such lawyer is necessarily any more expert or competent than any other lawyer. All potential clients are urged to make their own independent investigation and evaluation of any lawyer being considered.

The information in this directory is provided by our members. CTLA does not warrant the accuracy or validity of the information, and hereby disclaims any liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions in this directory. The determination of the need for legal services and the choice of a lawyer are extremely important decisions and should not be based solely upon advertisements or self-proclaimed expertise. CTLA also is not responsible for any material or information contained in the linked sites provided by our members.

CTLA offers no legal advice, recommendations, mediation or counseling under any circumstance. This site is not a Lawyer Referral Service, but merely assists you in narrowing your choices in selecting your lawyer. You are totally and solely responsible for your own selections and actions. CTLA never receives any portion of any lawyers fees and any arrangements made are strictly between you and your lawyer and do not involve CTLA in any way.

Additional Conditions

The online CTLA Member Directory contains valuable CTLA property and is provided to site users under the following terms and conditions:

The online CTLA Member Directory may not be used for any of the following purposes:

All directory searches are logged as to the date and time they were performed, the number of names displayed and the search criteria entered. If CTLA believes information from the online Member Directory is being used for any proscribed purpose, CTLA will attempt to identify you and if we are successful, we will charge you $10.00 per name per use. Upon discovery of any proscribed use, CTLA will use these logs to calculate fees owed and you will be notified of and held liable for this amount.

By using the directory I agree that I understand the fees for using the online Member Directory for any of the proscribed uses and agree to pay in full, any amount that CTLA bills me for such uses.