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University of Hartford

Albany Law School

Connecticut, 1992; New York, 1993; USDC District of Connecticut, 1993; USDC Southern District of New York, 2016; USDC Eastern District of New York, 2016.

Connecticut Bar Association, Animal Law Committee; Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association; Hartford County Bar Association Hartford County Bar Foundation

- We vigorously defend dogs and their owners in Dog Bite, Disposal Order and Dangerous Dog proceedings.
- We litigate Pet Custody and Ownership Disputes to have animals returned to their owners.
- We draft Pet Trusts and other estate planning tools for when owners can no longer care for their pets.
- We take on select veterinary malpractice and other claims involving harm to companion animals.



Most people consider their pets as more than just possessions, but rather as family members and best friends. When situations arise where they might lose them, it is unbearable. Most people never think about needing a lawyer to save their pet, and when they start searching, they find few attorneys or organizations with any real experience in companion law. This is because very few lawyers devote their lives to saving animals, and few focus their profession on animals and the rights of their owners.

Our work has involved pet owners facing eviction because of their dog or cat, bite incidents where dogs are seized and ordered to be killed, custody and ownership disputes of beloved pets, and criminal charges involving dogs and stray animals. We also represent animal rescues, fosters and adopters. We provide litigation strategies, techniques and guidance on animal litigation matters to attorneys throughout the country in state and federal courts.

Alot of our work is defending dogs involved in bite incidents who are unjustly facing death. They and their owners are pre-judged by a system which ignores their rights. We are proud our animal rights litigation work is at the forefront of shaping the direction of companion animal law. In zealously representing the interests of companion animals, we advance the rights of all animals. You can learn more about our work at The Center for Animal Litigation here:

We welcome inquiries should you have an issue with a companion animal which we may be able to provide assistance. The Center also provides a low cost consultation service to review all documents and facts surrounding your animal situation and to speak with an attorney concerning your options.

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