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Monday, December 18, 2017

Amendments to the Connecticut Code of Evidence

The amendments to the Connecticut Code of Evidence recommended by the Oversight Committee were adopted by the Supreme Court on December 14. Don't miss Bob Adelman on January 19th at CTLA's seminar "Revisions & Additions to the Connecticut Code of Evidence."

Upcoming Seminars & Events


CLE Seminar: Breaking Down Complex Workers’ Compensation Issues

Chairs: Scott A. Carta; Lucas M. Watson

CT Credits: 0.5 Ethics & Professionalism; 3.5 Areas of Professional Practice
NY Credits: 0.5 Ethics & Professionalism; 4 Areas of Professional Practice


CLE Seminar: Annual Criminal Litigation

Chairs: William F. Dow III; Hubert J. Santos

CT Credits: 1 Ethics & Professionalism; 5.5 Skills
NY Credits: 1 Ethics & Professionalism; 6.5 Skills


CLE Seminar: Arguing Damages

Chair: John J. Kennedy, Jr.

CT Credits: 0.5 Ethics & Professionalism; 3.5 Skills
NY Credits: 0.5 Ethics & Professionalism; 4 Skills

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