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Social Security
Name Firm City Phone
Mark E. Blakeman Michelson Kane Royster & Barger, PC Hartford, CT (860) 522-1243
James H. Halpin, Jr. Halpin & Mostowy, LLC Bristol, CT (860) 294-6128
Jeffrey C. Nicholas The Nicholas Law Firm, LLC Torrington, CT (860) 489-1878
Charles E. Oman III L/O Charles E. Oman III Waterbury, CT (203) 575-9479
Jonathan Perkins Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers Woodbridge, CT (203) 397-1283
Justin A. Raymond The Dodd Law Firm, LLC Cheshire, CT (203) 272-1883
Howard B. Schiller L/O Howard B. Schiller Willimantic, CT (860) 423-1656
John Serrano Serrano Law Firm, LLC West Hartford, CT (860) 236-9350
Beniamir Shehu The Law Office of Beniamir Shehu, LLC East Hartford, CT (860) 216-0565
Patrick D. Skuret Law Offices of Daniel D. Skuret, PC Ansonia, CT (203) 736-9934
Russell D. Zimberlin Zimberlin Law LLC Manchester, CT (860) 783-5999

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