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John Dean and Jim Robenalt LIVE! From the Nixon White House to Trump Tower

A Unique Look at Executive Power, Judicial Appointments & the Backstory of Roe v. Wade


David W. Cooney, Esq. (Co-Chair)
RisCassi & Davis, PC

John J. Kennedy, Jr., Esq. (Co-Chair)
Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, LLC

John W. Dean
Counsel to President Richard Nixon, Author & CNN Commentator

James D. Robenalt
Thompson Hine LLP


John Dean’s direct knowledge of the application (and misapplication) of presidential powers and Jim Robenalt’s encyclopedic knowledge of the presidency and the courts combine to offer you thoughtful and practical insight into what is happening in the halls of power, what might lie ahead and, more importantly, how the practicing bar can respond.

Unchecked Presidential Powers are plastered on the walls of American history:

Prior to Watergate – FDR’s Sumner Welles Situation; Truman’s Steel Seizure; Eisenhower’s U-2 Incident; JFK’s Lady Friends; and LBJ’s Bobby Baker Investigation.

Even with its lessons, Watergate did not stem the tide – Goldwater vs. Carter; Reagan’s Iran-Contra; Clinton’s Impeachment and Pardon Powers; Bush/Cheney & Iraq; and Obama’s Imperial Presidency.

Rest assured that the constitutional restrictions on the office will be tested again!

The future may be uncertain, but your enjoyment of this fascinating discussion is guaranteed to stimulate your civic consciousness and invigorate your passion as a champion of the rule of law.

Topics to include:

  • The role of the lawyer as pubic citizen and guardian of the Constitution;
  • Executive Power: Article II;
  • Article IIs nomination and appointment clause for Supreme Court Justices; and
  • How Roe v. Wade really came about.

This Continuing Legal Education program is appropriate for both newly-admitted and experienced attorneys, and has been approved for the following credits in accordance with the rule requirements of these states:
Connecticut: 3 credits (2 credits applicable to Ethics & Professionalism; and 1 credit applicable to Skills)
New York: 3.5 credits (2 credits applicable to Ethics & Professionalism; and 1.5 credits applicable to Skills)

Hard copies of the materials will not be provided at the program. Registrants will be able to access the materials via web link prior to the seminar, allowing you to print the materials in advance of the program. We encourage attendees to go green by downloading the materials to your laptop.

Refunds will not be granted for cancellations received after the link to the materials has been sent.

The Civil Justice Foundation offers adjusted seminar registration fees for members who require financial assistance. Discounts will be granted on an individual, case by case basis. Please contact Katie Marinan Marino for a confidential discussion.

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