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CLE Webinar: Medical Evidence: Preparing Your Treating Physician & Cross Examining the Defense Expert


David W. Cooney, Esq. (Chair)
RisCassi & Davis, PC

Brendan Faulkner, Esq.
RisCassi & Davis, PC



  • Why you Must Prepare Your Treating Physician for Deposition;

  • Meet with the Doctor & Review Their Entire File;

  • Do you Really Need to Depose a Defense Expert?

  • Show the Jury the Money; and

  • Focus on the Big Picture (Keep it Simple).


This Continuing Legal Education program is appropriate for both newly-admitted and experienced attorneys, and has been approved for the following credits in accordance with the rule requirements of these states:
Connecticut: 2 credits (applicable to Skills)

Refunds will not be granted for cancellations received after the registration link has been sent.

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