Webinar: The Important Difference Between Pre-Existing Conditions and Pre-Existing Disabilities

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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  1. The Terms Defined: Understanding the Difference
    •  Tuite v. Stop & Shop
  2. Measure of Damages Between the Two
  3. Evidence that is Admissible for Each
  4. Law Versus the Guides: The Language of the Guides is Not the Language of the Law
  5. Question for the Jury: Symptomatic or Not
  6. Pre-Existing Disability and the Jury Dilemma: Apportion Versus Rough Apportionment Versus Divide Equally
    • Card v. State
  7. The Error of Standard Civil Jury Instruction 3.4-1
  8. A Legally Correct Charge


Zoom Webinar, 000 Main St, Hartford CT