Defective Premises

Friday, November 4, 2011

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Program Chair
Michael J. Walsh, Esq., Moukawsher & Walsh, LLC, Hartford

Recent Developments in Defective Premises Caselaw
Michael J. Walsh, Esq., Moukawsher & Walsh, LLC, Hartford

A Comprehensive Review of Recent Supreme & Appellate Cases Involving Issues Related to Defective Premises Cases Including:

  • Actual and Constructive Notice
  • Specific Defect Doctrine
  • Ice and Snow Claims
  • The On-going Storm Doctrine
  • Non-Delegable Duties
  • Supermarket Cases
  • Mode of Operation Claims
  • Municipal Liability Issues
  • The Firefighter's Rule
  • Highway Defects
  • Recreational Use Immunity

Suing the Right Defendant in a Premises Liability Case
Cindy L Robinson, Esq., Tremont & Sheldon, PC, Bridgeport

  • How to Determine Who You Should Sue?
  • Who has the Duty of Care?
  • Is Your Case Affected by the Non-Delegable Duty Doctrine?
  • Ownership vs. Possession and Control: Do You Need to Sue Everybody?

Investigating, Preparing and Winning a Premises Case Involving a Drowning Incident
Angelo A. Ziotas, Esq., Silver Golub & Teitell, LLP, Stamford

  • When Can These Claims be Pursued Against a Municipality
  • Is the “Identifiable Victim” Exception Completely Dead?
  • FOIA Requests and Other Pre-suit Discovery
  • Medical Issues and Expert Opinions in Drowning Cases

The Do’s and Don’ts of Openings and Closings
Kara M. Burgarella, Esq., Faulkner & Graves, PC, New London

  • What is Effective and What is Not Permitted in Opening Statements and Closing Arguments
  • When to Object; How to Object; and When Counsel Crosses the Line
  • How to Rebut Defense Arguments of “It’s just about the money” and Plaintiff Wants to “Hit the lottery” – a Review of Recent Caselaw Addressing Impermissible Arguments


Michael J. Walsh, Esq. (chair) Walsh Woodard LLC
Kara M. Crismale, Esq. Bershtein Bershtein & Bershtein, PC
Cindy L. Robinson, Esq. Robinson Mahoney PLLC
Angelo A. Ziotas, Esq. Silver Golub & Teitell LLP

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This Continuing Legal Education program is appropriate for both newly-admitted and experienced attorneys, and has been approved for the following credits in accordance with the rule requirements of these states:

Connecticut 4.50 cr



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This continuing legal education program is appropriate for both newly admitted and experienced attorneys, and has been approved in accordance with the requirements of the New York Continuing Legal Education Board for a maximum of 4.5 credit hours, of which 4.5 credit hours can be applied to the Skills requirement.

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