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This Mission Statement does not allow us to remain silent while members of our communities are subjected to hate and violence. Our country has a long history of exploiting and targeting people of color and, sadly, Connecticut has played its own dark role in this history. Unfortunately, prejudice and discrimination remain alive and well in our society. We were horrified to see the recent video involving George Floyd's detention and death in Minnesota.

CTLA wishes to join and reinforce the central and essential message of peaceful protests around the country: people of color continue to be subjected to systemic racism and racial violence in this country. We reject this racism, and all manifestations of it, in the strongest possible terms. CTLA urges its members to use their voices and the civil justice system to stand against all forms of racism whenever possible. We join those who face discrimination and prejudice in seeking inclusion, equality and justice.

Stephanie Z. Roberge

Paul A. Slager
Immediate Past President

Monday, June 1, 2020