Editor's Message

by Paul A. Slager, Editor

I am grateful to those who have contributed to this April 2012 edition of the Forum.  Those who have offered (or been recruited) to submit pieces for this issue have helped accomplish the principal goals of the Forum: providing CTLA members and judges a small sample of efforts by trial lawyers in Connecticut to advance justice, whether legal or social; and, highlighting and analyzing important, though not necessarily well understood, issues of law or law practice.

For starters, Rosemarie Paine offers a piece on the dedicated efforts of the CTLA Women’s Caucus in leading an assault on poverty and homelessness through its fundraising initiative for behalf of Habitat  For Humanity.  Her article, and the fundraiser itself, remind us how fortunate we are, and of our obligation to help those who are less privileged in our communities.

A summary of CTLA’s latest amicus efforts in the Jacoby & Meyers v. CT Superior Court Judges case, submitted by Paul Bailin and Jim Bergenn, reveals how the practice of law as we know it in Connecticut is under assault, and the CTLA is joining others to try to ward off the threat.

Mike D’Amico has contributed an important article on the law regarding an insurer’s potential liability for its refusal to settle cases within policy limits, when a verdict above policy limits might be achieved.  For anyone who may represent a badly injured client against an underinsured defendant, understanding this area of law is critical, particularly because it is a subject of law that seems poorly understood by many carriers and defense counsel.

And last but certainly not least, we are lucky to have another evidentiary review by Bob Adelman and Neil Sutton, this time including a review of important Connecticut Appellate and Supreme Court decisions from 2011.  (The Update on Evidence 2010 ran in the Forum’s December 2011 issue.)  While the Forum took a short hiatus, the efforts of Bob and Neil in compiling and writing the evidence review continued, so I have the luxury of publishing their excellent work in back to back issues.

I hope to publish a compilation of recent verdicts and settlements in the next issue.  Our pleas to the CTLA membership notwithstanding, we have received few submissions to date, so I decided not to include this in the current Forum.  I hope to do so when the Forum next appears, so please send brief case summaries of verdicts and settlements from 2010-2012 to Neil Ferstand (nferstand@cttriallawyers.org) and Kathleen Nastri (knastri@koskoff.com).  Please copy me (pslager@sgtlaw.com) on any submissions so I can keep track of how many have been submitted.

Remember, we wish to include a wide range of results in order to educate each other about case values, so please do not assume we are looking only for your largest case results.