Editor's Message

by Paul A. Slager, Editor


After years of great work on the Forum (and Forum Online), David Rosen has decided to step down as Editor, leaving me to fill the void.  David leaves big shoes.  We are all indebted to him both for his dedication and talented editing during the years he produced the Forum

One can hardly fault David for passing the torch, but his departure leaves me in an unenviable position.  Replacing him will not be easy.  In addition to trying to meet David’s consistently high editing standards, I am also tasked with a new challenge and opportunity: to create and fulfill my own vision of the Forum.  Although I’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking about what the Forum should look like moving forward, the truth is that I don’t have a clear answer.  You could say I’ll be making this up as I go along.   

 This doesn’t mean the Forum will be a ship without a rudder.  The following principles will guide my work as Editor:

  • I plan to continue to publish pieces that (1) inform readers about important activities of CTLA and the thinking of its members; or, (2) provide information about significant developments in our courts and cases.  The Forum is the right place for these kinds of articles.  If not for publication in the Forum, most, if not all, of the information in the Forum would not be published at all.
  • The Forum will only remain relevant and important if its readership produces quality pieces for publication.  I will lean on those of you who value the Forum to provide content fit for publication. 
  • I intend to rely heavily on CTLA Committees for updates and articles for publication in the Forum.  Members and judges should understand how these committees are contributing positively to our legal community, and the Forum offers a perfect place to make this known.  In this issue, for example, there is a brief update from the CTLA Amicus Committee on its recent involvement in an important case on appeal.  I also have asked the leadership of the CTLA Women’s Caucus to help me enlist its members to make regular contributions to the Forum, and the Caucus has enthusiastically accepted the offer. 
  • There will be no formula for what the Forum publishes, provided pieces meet the criteria for publication mentioned above.  Articles need not be long, scholarly pieces to warrant publication in the Forum.  Nor do articles need to be directly relevant to practicing law.  Pam Cameron’s moving piece in this issue, for example, fits the bill because it reflects one trial lawyer’s personal experience involving a terribly painful family loss.  In my view, this is the sort of rich material that is worth sharing with our community.
  • The Forum will continue to be published and distributed online, although it will retake its original Forum name (rather than Forum Online).  Publishing online remains the most effective, cost-conscious and environmentally responsible way to reach our readers.
  • Finally, my own editorial philosophy is that the material published in the Forum should reflect the voices of the authors.  I plan to edit pieces lightly, so that articles reflect the writers, not me.  Of course, this presents a risk that pieces in the Forum will not be perfectly harmonious.  I am willing to take that risk.

I am grateful to CTLA’s leadership for giving me this opportunity to continue publishing the Forum.  Please contact me with your thoughts and comments, whether they pertain to a particular issue or article, or to the broader direction of the Forum.  I also invite suggestions for articles or offers to write.  Your perspectives will be the reason the Forum remains relevant and important.

Paul Slager practices with Silver Golub & Teitell LLP in Stamford.  He can be reached at pslager@sgtlaw.com or (203) 325-4491.