Help for the Hungry

This is a time when we are being asked to stay away from one another, to practice social distancing: Stay Safe, Stay Home. Unfortunately, this is not possible for many Connecticut residents who lack access to the most fundamental of needs – food. Hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents, including children and the elderly, are suffering from food insecurity. The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating and this impact is likely to last long after the immediate crisis recedes. Never has the effort to alleviate hunger in our communities faced such challenges.

Recognizing this pressing and immediate need, CTLA reached out to Foodshare and Connecticut Foodbank. We learned that both organizations are experiencing rapidly increasing costs due to the size and number of deliveries and other hurdles such as compliance with social distancing requirements. With an increased demand, drop off in volunteers, increased staff hours and the necessary pre-sorting and packaging of meals their expenses are only expected to increase as they explore new ways and strategies to get more food to more people in need.

If ever there were a time for Trial Lawyers to stand together, it is now. We are proud to launch the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Foundation initiative Help for the Hungry.

We know that we are all facing uncertainty in this time and that COVID-19 is affecting everyone in different ways. All of us will be impacted by this public health crisis and we know this makes it harder to give, but the need has never been greater. This fund drive is about us standing together to help others who are impacted the most. Think big: one truckload of food costs Foodshare approximately $30,000; or think small: a dollar provides 2.5 meals. All donations make a difference. Our goal is 100% participation, and we encourage you to donate to Help for the Hungry to the best of your ability.

CTLA is not alone in the effort to respond to this pressing need in our state. The Connecticut Bar Association has also recognized how COVID-19 is creating a hunger crisis and is engaged in similar efforts. At this time when so much is out of our control, this is one simple gesture that can make a profound difference for Connecticut's neediest individuals and families.

Thank you.